Mets (Greek: Μετς) is a neighbourhood of Athens, Greece. It is located between Ardettos Hill, First Cemetery of Athens and Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Mets owes its name to a beer brewery, opened by Bavarian brewer Karl Fuchs (the same man who founded Greek beer company Fix). Beer was, at the time, an unheard of beverage in Greece and was brought over due to the influence of Bavarian Greek king Otto of Greece.

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Places i walked in this video
0:00 Nikiforou Theotoki str
4:15 Markou Mousourou str
5:44 Trivonianou str
7:13 Dompoli str
9:00 Archimidous str
10:32 Alsos Logginou Park
15:20 Kosma Mpalanou str
18:35 Miniati str
20:05 Kosma Mpalanou str
24:00 Fotiadou str
31:25 Sorvolou str
34:55 Gorgiou str
35:47 Meletiou Riga str
37:03 Sorvolou str
38:50 Aristonikou str
40:10 Glafkou str
41:10 Aristonikou str
42:00 Gorgiou str
42:20 Aristonikou str
49:15 Malamou str
50:40 Razikotzika str
51:55 Gorgiou str
53:50 Glafkou str
55:45 Koutsodimou str
56:40 Ardittou str

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Location: Mets, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Dec 2020

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