Schinias beach is a long, sandy beach on the northern edges of Marathon Bay backed by a wonderful strip of pine forest. About 45kms from Athens, it is free to access. There are paths to follow, part of my walk was on the No5 path

The Battle of Marathon took place in 490 BC during the first Persian invasion of Greece. It was fought between the citizens of Athens, aided by Plataea, and a Persian force commanded by Datis and Artaphernes. The battle was the culmination of the first attempt by Persia, under King Darius I, to subjugate Greece. The Greek army decisively defeated the more numerous Persians, marking a turning point in the Greco-Persian Wars.

The area encompasses 13.84 square kilometers and includes a wetland, a coastal pine forest, a freshwater spring, a peninsula, a hill and a magnificent bay and is the most important coastal ecosystem of Attica and belongs to the Natura 2000 network. The Park also includes the Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Center.

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Location: Schinias forest, Marathonas, Greece
Filmed: Dec 2020

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