The Municipality of Northern Tzoumerka has proceeded to the design of a viewing area, enabling visitors to enjoy the natural beauty and monuments of Matsouki.

In the area of ​​”Paranges”, just before the military bridge “Bellei”, built in 1981 to unite Matsouki with the rest of the villages in the area, the municipality of Northern Tzoumerka placed a welcome sign and constructed a small cobbled path leading to the landscaped viewpoint.

From here, the visitor can gaze at the area’s sign, the imposing 50-meter “Kamili” waterfall. Part of the water draining from the peaks of Kakarditsa creates the Matsoukiotiko Gorge, located above the village. The large waterfall is the end of the canyon, where it joins the Red River, another canyon that comes from the tops of Kakarditsa, to form the Matsouki stream. The spectacular view of the waters tearing down the rock is a spectacular sight and justifies the Camel waterfall being one of the most spectacular in Epirus.

The other three smaller waterfalls in the area are visible from the view point: the Bourteni waterfall and the waterfalls in the “Stafyla” cave and the “Gouva Mare” cave, which in the Vlach language means “Big Cave” and was first explored in 2017.

Visitors can also see the historic Holy Monastery of Viliza, the churches of Agios Petros and Agios Athanasios, with the second one built on the edge of the cliff, the stone-built bridge Stafyla and the Matsoukiotiko stream, as well as the old path “Skales”, which connected Matsouki with the country road.

Location: Matsouki, Tzoumerka, Greece
Filmed: Dec 2019

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