Once again this Christmas, new light installations by leading artists are shown for the first time in Greece, to create a magical festive scene at the Stavros Niarchos Park.

Let the light be your guide through interactive journeys, where emotions are translated into colors, sounds, shadows and contrasts. The SNFCC’s winter landscape is lit up and brought to life through the movement and engagement of its visitors. We come close to one another, while keeping our distance – a wave of your hand is enough to light up a tower, your presence “raises” waves of light, and your imagination is all it takes to see shadows dancing where brightness plays with darkness. Discover new dimensions of light and sound, play with them, and let your imagination run wild!
More info www.snfcc.org/en/LightInstallations2020
Thumbnail photos by SNFCC | Nikos Karanikolas and Danai Kokkinaki

Xmas Beacon Lights 00:00 Lighthouse trail (Beforelight, Greece)
Parabolic Lightcloud 03:01 The Dome at the Labyrinth (Light Art Collection, Netherlands / Amigo & Amigo, Australia)
MoonGARDEN 05:12 Great Lawn (Created by Lucion Media / Powered by Wireframe, Canada)
Halo 06:35 Pine Grove (illumaphonium, Great Britain)
Canal & Agora 10:58

Location: SNFCC, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Dec 2021
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