A calm evening overlooking Eptamartyres (Seven Martyrs) church in Kastro, Sifnos. Calm ocean waves and ocean sounds of the Aegean sea. An hour before sunset, peaceful scenery, calm setting for anyone to gaze at the sea.

The church of the Seven Martyrs is located in Kastro, the old capital of Sifnos. It is the most emblematic church of the island, as well as one of the most photographic places in the Cyclades.

The church has all the features of Cycladic architecture, with white walls and a blue dome, but its most notable feature is the location – a single building that sits on top of a rocky peninsula and is exposed to any weather conditions. Sometimes visitors are literally blown away by the wind on the way to church and when the meltemi darkens you can also feel tiny drops from the waves falling under the rock. Photos are always dramatic and it would not be uncommon to stumble upon a wedding photo during your visit.

The Seven Witnesses are visible from the back of the Castle, before you reach the stone steps that lead to it. In calm weather there are people sunbathing on the wide cliffs below the church, but the place is not recommended for swimming due to strong winds and waves in this part of the island.

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Location: Sifnos island, Greece
Filmed: June 2021
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