Sarakiniko is a beach on Milos Island, Greece, situated on the north shore of the island. The most famous beach of the island, thanks to the unique lunar landscape.

Waves driven by north winds shape the greyish-white volcanic rock into amazing shapes, and the area is often compared to a moonscape. The bone-white beach derives its unusual characteristics from the erosion of the volcanic rock by wind and wave.

Sarakiniko is one of the most photographed landscapes in the Aegean. All-white volcanic rock formations with excellent deep blue waters. There is also a small natural harbor, closed between the rocks, with sandy beach and green-blue waters.

The landscape is stunning, with continuous alternations of volcanic material and abundant fossils. Its name is due to the fact that pirates used it as a shelter. (The ship’s bollards are still preserved carved into the rock.)

The whiteness of the rocks and the lack of vegetation create a unique feeling that you will hardly forget.

According to many scientists, Sarakiniko was formed by lava poured and frozen in the area, after a volcanic eruption. Its unique landscape of white volcanic rock formations along with the deep blue sea – stands out extraordinary! These rocks are formed from thick beds (up to 100m) of white diatomite and pumice tuffs, alternating with thinner layers of greyer pumice tuffs and pale yellow, shallow marine Pliocene limestone. Differential wind and water erosion has sculpted these soft layers into pillars, mushrooms and other shapes, in which almost horizontal layering and bedding is clearly seen, together with minor faulting and slumping evidence of earth movements.

The people of Milos have taken advantage of the soft nature of the rocks underlying much of their island by digging into it to make stores and boat houses, known as syrmata, sealed by brightly coloured wooden doors.

In between the white volcanic rocks lies a small sandy beach and many underwater caves for scuba diving. The beach itself is very quiet and its extremely rare to see some waves no matter how strong the wind blows. It is kind of protected from the strong winds, it isn’t organized with sun beds or umbrellas to rent but you can bring your own umbrella with you. Few trees for a natural shade are available but only the visitor who arrives first, earns his seat on the shadow.

Visit Sarakiniko for its beach early in the morning or late in the evening because in the high Summer season – any other hour of the day – it is really crowded and there isn’t so much space to lay your towel down on the sand and enjoy your summer tan.

The name “Sarakiniko” comes from the Sarakiniko Pirates who used its beach as a shelter.

Sarakiniko is located in the north side of Milos and in the summertime it is recommended you visit the area when the wind is not north and strong. Otherwise your experience won’t be that pleasant.


Location: Sarakiniko beach, Milos, Greece
Filmed: Aug 2021
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