Kallimarmaro (Greek: Καλλιμάρμαρο meaning made of beautiful marble) is a small neighborhood of Athens, Greece, named after the Panathenaic Stadium. It is located within Pangrati.

Location: Kallimarmaro in Pangrati, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Jan 2021

Map www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1ZpreP2-xXzybnf3ipxR_mZlUQmjOIpDy&usp=sharing
Places i walked in this video
0:00 Nik. Plastira square
1:05 Proklou str
4:05 Varnava square
9:00 Empedokleous str
11:20 Archimidous str
14:30 Parmenidou str
18:39 Stilponos str
22:22 Dikearchou str
25:04 Pirronos str
28:53 Empedokleous str
31:15 Immitou avenue
34:41 Melissou str
37:45 Krisila str
39:43 Pirgotelous str
41:05 Protagorou str
42:45 Ferekidou str
45:26 Kiniskas str
46:46 Proeresiou str
49:52 Edesiou str
53:21 Koroviou str
54:56 Pirgotelous str
57:09 Polidamantos str

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