Kynosargous (Greek: Κυνοσάργους), up until 1908 known as Dourgouti, is a small neighborhood of Neos Kosmos in Athens, Greece. Accessible by metro line 2, Neos Kosmos stop.

Cynosarges (Greek: Κυνόσαργες Kynosarges) was a famous temple of Heracles, public gymnasium, and surrounding grove located just outside the walls of Ancient Athens on the southern bank of the Ilissos river and near the Diomeian gate. The modern suburb of Kynosargous is named after it.

Places i walked in this video
0:00 Ilia Iliou avenue
6:45 Spintharou str
14:30 Ipparchou str
23:22 Agkilis str
33:55 Theodoritou Vresthenis str
35:40 Th. Geometrou str
40:45 Dinostratou str
41:20 Arkesilaou str
42:05 Pitheou str – Trikyklo Restaurant
46:25 Lefkas Kynosargous square
48:00 Aglaonikis str
49:35 Kynosargous square
52:10 Despos Sechou str
53:23 Igglesi str
56:22 Evdoxou str

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Location: Neos Kosmos – Kynosargous, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Jan 2021

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