On the way from Ioannina to Konitsa, near Kleidonia village, Voidomatis river, flowing to join Aoos river, comes out from its wild verdant gorge to enter Konitsa plain. Just before the modern bridge, to the left, there is a road leading to a hotel. Continuing on the dirt road to the left we will see an old stone bridge among plane trees. The scenery is gorgeous.

On the opposite bank, the Forestry of Konitsa has created a recreation area with wooden tables, benches, children’s playground and barbecues for free use. The place is under the plane trees and by the river. Voidomatis’ waters are crystal clear, as being filtrated by the natural rocks, and crystal cold also. However, during summer, some visitors dare to swim in there. Nature’s harmony and gurgling waters are really refreshing for the travellers who have to continue their way.

There had been some efforts to bridge the river but were unsuccessful, like the one in 1844, when 19,000 piastres were spent. Finally, in 1853 the present beautiful stone bridge was built, paid by Balkiz Hanum, spouse of the Turk Malik-pasha.

This arched bridge is a perfect construction. Under the bridge, to the left, there is a stone-paved path leading to the monasteries of the valley.

According to a legend, two families from a nearby village had a fight on the bridge because of a beautiful daughter of one of them, and some men were killed. The heart-rending wail of the girl made the bridge quaking and the river stopped, remaining silent, but the elf of the bridge took pity on the girl and held the bridge not to collapse…

Location: Kleidonia Bridge, Voidomatis River, Zagorochoria, Greece
Filmed: Dec 2019

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