If you’re looking for peace and quiet the Alexander N. Diomedes Botanical Gardens is the place to find it, even on Sundays, when children romp around its grounds. Its 186 hectares of greenery are a haven for leisure-seekers and a popular jogging spot, as well as an ideal open-air classroom for creative teaching sessions.

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The garden’s administrator, Athens University forestry professor Stelios Soulios, says that 30,000 students visit the Diomedes Botanical Gardens each year, with hundreds of neighbors making use of its grounds for a simple stroll on weekdays and weekends. The world’ s first botanical garden was created in Athens in the 4th century BC by Aristotle’s student, Theophrastos, considered to be the founding father of botany.

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Location: Diomides Botanical Garden, Chaidari, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Aug 2020
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