Petralona is a neighborhood of Athens, Greece. Athenians further subdivide the area into Ano (upper) Petralona or Kato (Lower) Petralona, where Ano Petralona is the area between the Philopappos Hill and the railway and Kato Petralona the area between the railway and Piraeus Street. Sometimes as part of Ano Petralona refers and the small neighborhood Assyrmatos.

Petralona is named after the Greek words ‘Petrina Alonia’ (πέτρινα αλώνια) which means ‘stone threshing floors’, which were used in the area to thresh grain before urbanisation. The area was also known as Katsikadika (Greek: Κατσικάδικα), due to the presence of goat herders in the area who used to give out milk to the residents. Goats were banned from the city of Athens in February 1925 and from that point on, the area has held its current name.

Location: Ano Petralona, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Dec 2020
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Streets i walked
0:00 Troon str
0:20 Antoniadou str
0:50 Alsos Petralonon
1:50 Evgeniou Antoniadou str
3:30 Navarchou Voulgari str
5:35 Xenofilou str
6:40 Chrisanthakopoulou str
8:00 Timodimou str
8:51 Kallisthenous str
15:00 Merkouri square
16:26 Kallisthenous str
18:12 Ioalou str
20:06 Troon str
28:52 Pallineon str
29:52 Dimofontos str
39:42 Kilis str
41:25 Trion Ierarchon str
56:22 Thessalonikis str

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