Aigaleo or Egaleo (Greek: Αιγάλεω) is a municipality in the western part of the Athens, Greece. It takes its name from Mount Aigaleo. Aigaleo was part of the municipality of Athens until 1934, when it became a separate community.

If you followed this video, be careful of those women merchants outside the metro station 21:20. This is a scam to get people to buy fake products. It is well known these scammers will try to rob people as well.

Places i walked in this video
0:00 Eleftherias square
1:15 Markou Mpotsari str
2:15 Makris str
3:49 Chrisostomou Smyrnis str
7:27 Smirnis str
8:15 Moschonision str
9:45 Kapodistriou str
11:44 Grigoriou Kidonion str
13:05 Panormou str
15:15 Kerasountos str
17:01 Dodekanisou str
18:56 Stefanou Sarafi str
20:19 Aigaleo Metro station square
24:50 Dimarchiou str
27:46 Al. Papanastasiou str
30:01 Elispontou str
31:50 Pergamou str
34:08 Magnisias str
35:35 Attallias str
37:44 Redestou str
39:04 Miriofitou str
42:23 Filadelfias str
44:10 Filippoupoleos str
45:27 Kiprou str
46:55 Iera Odos str

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Location: Aigaleo, Athens, Greece
Filmed: Feb 2021
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