Odontotos starts from the railway station of Diakopto and follows the Vouraikos gorge. After a distance of 22,350 metres and within 60 minutes it ends in the town of Kalavrita, 750 metres from the surface of the sea.

0:00 Intro
1:09 Diakopto Railway Station
6:00 Train ride starts
10:45 Vouraikos Gorge
16:55 Niamata Railway Station
18:02 Bridge + Cog Rail
20:20 Dikastiria
25:55 Platana slope 17,5%
32:10 Triklia Railway Station
32:35 Cog Rail
37:15 Portes
38:50 Cog Rail
43:30 Mega Spilaio – Zachlorou Railway Station
57:20 Kerpini Railway Station
1:06:00 Kalavrita Railway Station

The construction of the network started in 1889 and it was inaugurated on 10 march 1896.
Gauge : 0,75m, this particularity makes Odontotos the narrowest in the world.
Length of the network : 22,350m.
Total toothed parts 3.400m
Maximum incline in parts with simple adhesion: 33 o/oo
Maximum incline in toothed parts: 175 o/oo
Read more: www.odontotos.com

Map: www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1ZpreP2-xXzybnf3ipxR_mZlUQmjOIpDy&usp=sharing

Location: Odontotos Rack Railway, Peloponnese, Greece
Filmed: Sep 2021
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